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Candidate #12, Atwell Terrance Rey

Terrance Rey has the unique ability to be able to write on demand, fluently and effortlessly, in both the English and Dutch languages. A skill that has served him well as publisher of the critical news website

Terrance Rey has university degrees in Economics and Business Administration and after living, studying and working in The Netherlands for 19 years, he returned to his home island of Sint Maarten and has, while active in business development, e-commerce, travel, tourism and the aviation industry, served his country as Policy Advisor in Parliament from 2010 to 2012. From 2012 to present he has been serving as Deputy Secretary for the Progress Committee, overseeing the plans of approach for the Ministries of General Affairs (Legal Affairs and the Civil Registry), VROMI (Permits Department) and Justice (Immigration, Customs, Landsrecherche, KPSM and the Prison).

Terrance Rey is ready to enter Parliament as a legislator to initiate and amend laws and oversee the execution of Government by actually reading and reviewing the reports presented to Parliament by the various High Councils of State tasked with monitoring, auditing and advising the Government, its departments, entities and institutions. Stability, continuity and accountability will be achieved with Terrance Rey in Parliament, representing the people of Sint Maarten on behalf of the Sint Maarten Christian Party, SMCP.

#12 Atwell Terrance Rey: Bio
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