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About The SMCP

Serving You For A Change!

A “Christian Party” is not a new phenomenon in politics. Most countries in Europe and South America have parties based on Christian principles.

The Sint Maarten Christian Party is a political party comprising of persons who have accepted to live and work according to the principles of Jesus the Christ.

SMCP is not a denomination, neither is it a church but a group that embraces the Constitution of Country Sint Maarten which reads " WE, THE PEOPLE OF SINT MAARTEN AFFIRM that we acknowledge the guiding principles of Almighty God as the core of our values...".

These universal principles are, among others: accountability, compassion, honesty, integrity, justice, loyalty, respect and transparency. Based on these principles, SMCP is of the opinion that it can offer genuine leadership when in Parliament and in Government.

We envision a Sint Maarten where people feel safe, there is affordable healthcare, gainful employment, quality education, equal business opportunities for all, unbiased justice and a protected environment.

Our Mission

To promote good governance through Christian principles, norms and values.


Our Core Values

• Accountability • Compassion • Honesty • Integrity • Loyalty • Respect • Team work • Transparency • Service

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SMCP Vision Statements

Sint Maarten Christian Party's vision for St. Maarten and for several of the salient sectors of our society such as Education, Youth, Justice, Infrastructure, Finance, Culture, Health, Culture, Sports, and Economy.

Country Sint Maarten

We envision Sint Maarten as a cohesive multi-cultural society, where people feel safe and live in harmony; where there is affordable healthcare, gainful employment, quality education, equal business opportunities and justice for all; where the environment is protected and there is close cooperation with our northern neighbors.


We envision Sint Maarten having a strong educational system that spans early childhood development, elementary, secondary, tertiary, vocational-technical and special needs education; a system that is adapted to the needs of the Sint Maarten society and the labor market and that also embraces training and lifelong learning; a Sint Maarten where the cost of early childhood, elementary and secondary education are offered at zero cost to the parents.

Physical Infrastructure

We envision a Sint Maarten where proper zoning is in place, green energy is being used; where there are green and play areas as well as proper parking areas; our waste is properly managed, our road network can accommodate the traffic and there is an underground network of sewage systems. In our vision, the Great Salt Pond is protected, restored and has become one of Sint Maarten’s natural and cultural assets; buildings are constructed in a resilient manner so that they are able to withstand the effects of climate change.


We envision a Government that is efficient, effective and accountable, offering quality public service, based on e-government to all residents and investors alike; a government where civil servants are properly trained, scaled, paid based on merit and on the job; legislation has been updated, amended and new laws initiated to accommodate current developments in the society; electoral reform has been implemented and a relevant relationship with the Kingdom has been negotiated.


We see Sint Maarten as a law abiding society that is secure, safe and peaceful, where the rule of law is respected, there is justice for all; criminal activity is deterred, neighborhoods are safe, law enforcement is strengthened, the justice system is accessible as far as language is concerned, there is a local law enforcement training institute; there are sufficient professionally trained law enforcement personnel, human resource related issues are resolved, modern detention centers where adults and youths are rehabilitated are in place and all the departments that fall under the Ministry of Justice i.e. the Immigration and Border Protection Service, Police Corps, Customs, Prison, House of Detention and the Financial Intelligence Unit (MOT) are properly managed and functioning well.

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