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Candidate #13, Alberto F. Bute

As an activist Alberto Bute has participated in many actions to defend the less fortunate in our society. His efforts led to the “Employees’ Bill of Rights”. Bute has experience as the President of SUNFED, founder of several social and sports organizations, and representative of the UFA Union.

He has championed causes related to the Fort Amsterdam sale, the operators of heavy equipment, students expelled for lack of paying school fees, among others. As a representative of NGOs, he is now working on the National Development Plan for Sint Maarten while being a co-coordinator of the Sint Maarten Anti-Poverty Platform and of the Sint Maarten Consumer Coalition to fight in order to realize the right to development, consumer rights as well as all other human rights on behalf of the people of Sint Maarten.

As one of the efforts to eradicate poverty, Alberto and his team have been very successful in importing fruits and vegetable and selling them at low prices to the people of Sint Maarten. This alone shows where Alberto’s heart is, namely with the people of Sint Maarten.

#13 Alberto F. Bute: Bio
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